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About us


Importers and Distributors of Electronic Accessories in lifestyle, tech and sports segment. Bringing international quality merchandise and brand partnerships to create high aspiration value products.

Offices and distribution in key retail in all of GCC, India and Turkey. Production facility and office in Shenzhen, China.

Global Licences:
Along with our principals we are also licensees of world renowned brands:
UAE - Manchester City FC, One Direction music band and Warner Bros - Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Mortal Combat and Hangover.
India - Warner Bros - Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Disney - Avengers, Disney Princes, Starwars, Archies.
Turkey - Warner Bros - Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman.

Some of the brands we carry are:
Thrumm (USA), Caselogic (USA), Satzuma (UK), Toysbox (India), Fruwt (Australia).

Our key target segments are:
Electronic Retailers like Sharaf DG, Virgin, etc, Kiosks like Coolgadget, Skinjam, Online Portals -, Jadopado.

Our newly introduced product range including Thrumm Ibalance Unicycle ( is targetted towards sports segment.

Bundling & Gifting:
For LFR segments, we specialize in creating bundle products and kits. The idea is to increases sales throughput for various categories like laptops, tablets, cellphones, DSLR Cameras, by bundling kits with accessories and options with very high perceived value.

More info:
You may like to visit our facebook page  for a look at some of our products.

Besides our distribution offerings, we also have wealth of experience in creating unique made to order technology gadgets and products OEM /ODM from China.